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Layer enables you to integrate LLM-powered Agents that are experts on your platform with just a few lines of code.

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Get visibility into how users interact with your product. Our dashboard contains tools for managing usage, tracking frequent user queries, prompt engineering, A/B testing LLMs, and more.

Supercharged Chatbot

Build and deploy your own Agent that allows users to interact with your platform using their words.

An Interface to GPT

Decide what actions the Agent can perform on your platform and easily connect it to the functions it needs to handle user requests.

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Layer’s streamlined integration pipeline helps you get ChatGPT up and running in your product in minutes, not months.



Layer is an agile platform that can support your changing needs as you launch new features, experiment with new models, and integrate with new data systems.



We make it possible for companies to integrate the most cutting-edge AI into their products without losing sight of what matters most: Their Customers

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© 2023. All rights reserved. Made with ❤️ by AI engineers.
© 2023. All rights reserved. Made with ❤️ by AI engineers.
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